Light on Main

Located in the heart of Boonton’s commercial district, Light on Main’s mission is to create hands-on opportunities for all to practice loving their neighbors as themselves.

    We do this through:
  • Civic and social forums that promote justice, respect for and understanding of our neighbors
  • Spiritual development and worship opportunities which include ecumenical and inter-faith ventures
  • Service projects that encourage health, wellness, resource sharing and education
  • Social events and gatherings which bring people and communities together
506 Main St
Boonton, NJ 07005

Light On Main offers a free internet café, a used book store and an open heart for all:
Tuesday - Friday: 11am – 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm.

Calendar of Events at Light On Main


Light on MainWho We Are
Light on Main is a storefront ministry of St. John’s Episcopal Church, 226 Cornelia Street in Boonton. The people of St. John’s come from many different places.  We’re Conservative, Liberal and everything in the middle.  We’re cradle Episcopalians, Agnostics, Roman Catholics and Evangelicals.  We’re gay and straight.  We’re college professors and firemen, members of the Greatest Generation and the Y Generation.  Some of us have breathed our faith like air and never given it a second thought.  Others of us have been banged up by “church” and come with big wounds and bigger questions. The thing we have in common is our longing.  We want to see how God is at work in the world and in our own lives.

What We Believe
We believe that the way we treat one another says more about our beliefs than what we say.  We  believe that  Jesus calls us to a new way of life and that the Gospel is a call to action.  We encourage a life of the mind as part of a life of the spirit.  We prize the quest for understanding over absolute certainty.

Why We Opened Light on Main
We believe Jesus calls us out of our church and into the town of Boonton, to seek out and love our neighbors in tangible ways by being a part of their day-to-day lives.

Instead of being open on Sunday and maybe one or two nights during the week, through Light on Main St. John’s is present to the people of Boonton seven days a week, offering opportunities for them grow in their spirit, invest in their neighbors and share what they have, whether it be a pot of soup, a favorite hobby or a degree in social work.

Why a Used Bookstore
The Apostle Paul made tents, we sell books! People we would never have known stop by to browse and for conversation. They learn about up-coming events and offer their own ideas for future ones. Before you know it we become friends and real neighbors. That’s what Light on Main is all about.

Who Staffs Light on Main?
Light on Main is entirely staffed by members of St. John’s Church. Come have a cup of coffee and chat with them. They want to get to know you!